About Borderless Food Guide

After years of recommending my favorite places to eat to family, friends, and strangers alike, I decided to create this website as a means for San Diego food travelers to take their own independent day trips to Tijuana. The blog soon caught on, and I’ve expanded it to include locations that I’ve traveled to around the world.

Borderless Food Guide focuses on high quality, authentic, local food, at a reasonable price. By embracing low cost, independent food travel, travelers who read my blog can enjoy local cuisine just as locals would, without the herds and extra costs associated with a group tour.

Unlike other food writers focusing on Tijuana and the area, I do not claim to be an “influencer,” nor do I have a James Beard award. However, I do have actual culinary industry experience, and did actually grow up in this region. I have two decades of firsthand experience and knowledge on where and what to eat in Tijuana, in addition to a few other locations that I’ve visited around the world.

This website is a comprehensive list of my favorite places to eat. Each and every location is thoroughly vetted and approved by me. Each article provides directions, contact information, and an embedded google map, so that my readers can easily find their way to my recommended spots. The “Food Finder” button in the top menu has an interactive map of all of my recommended food destinations around the world, complete with addresses and contact information.

Borderless Food Guide was designed for my readers to easily find information on the best places to eat in the world. My focus is always on the food, and the wonderful places and people that are involved in making it. I always seek out what locals eat, whether on the street or at a table indoors, and I hope that with the help of this website, you will too. Thanks for reading and buen provecho!